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Almost 70 percent of Pinal County's current workforce travel outside of our county everyday to go to work.  My goal is to continue to support our Economic Development team to bring the right businesses to our communities, have great employment opportunities and to enhance their quality of life by reducing their commute time and allowing them more time with their families.  With Economic Development comes the need to have a "ready" workforce to accommodate these businesses as they consider Pinal County.  Which is why I'm a strong advocate for education and training for these jobs.  Providing qualified, capable employees for Lucid and Nikola will set the standard for more employment opportunities as we grow.  There are great plans in progress as we continue to develop our "Tech Corridor" which will bring many more innovative companies to our area.


Since serving the County for these past eight years, I have worked with our Economic Development Director and have a strong handle on what is happening and where we are planning to go from here.  As your next elected Supervisor, I can step right in and continue with the upward trajectory we are experiencing now.  I know how to work with County Staff and can get things done in conjunction with my fellow Supervisors.  Pinal County is going strong.  I'm a strategic thinker with a solid business acumen which are critical in working with the other Supervisors to accomplish our objectives of making Pinal County "The best place to live and work."