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for Pinal County Supervisor

District 4


Years of Government Experience in Pinal County


Years experience as a corporate executive


Charities I have loved raising over $35,000 to support


Local, grass roots organizations I have served

Passionate About Education

When we talk about Economic Development, the importance of education goes hand-in-hand.  Having first hand experience watching my son progress through our education system, there are things we do well, and things we can do better.  With the arrival of Lucid Motors and Nikola Corp, we have to be ready to provide a skilled workforce to fulfill their employment needs.  We get one chance at this critical first impression.  Our success will set the tone for future companies who are considering Pinal County as their home. 


Proven Experience

Experience counts and there's nothing better than eight years of hands on experience.  This has afforded me the ability to understand the needs and to recognize opportunities for the citizens of our communities.  I have strong relationships with the staff and officials in the cities and towns and know how to get things done.  A key attribute to serving the citizens of District 4 has been to always be accessible.  My commitment is to always be working to improve the safety and quality of life for our citizens. 


Making a Difference

Giving back to our community is a way of life in our family.  My son was a founder of the Community Garden in the City of Maricopa that grew and provided fresh produce for our local food bank.  We worked side by side for five years and with some wonderful volunteers, produced over 34,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables for those in need. 

St. Jude Children's Hospital is one of the many charitable organizations I have immersed myself in.  I have found that going the extra mile (or 26) is always worth the reward of knowing my efforts positively affected the lives of others. 


All the Latest Updates

Find my signs out and about in our district or better yet, request one below for your yard today!

Economic Development

It's a GREAT time to live in Pinal County!  Did you know: Pinal County is the fastest growing county in the country with a population of less than one million?  We have so many exciting projects coming to the county that will provide jobs, boost our economy and, of course, lower our tax rate.  With the arrival of Lucid Motors, Nikola Corp, and others, we are looking at over 5,000 new jobs that will be created in the very near future!

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Anthony Smith

Pinal County Supervisor

District 4

"There is nobody better suited to be the next County Supervisor than Marlene Pearce.  Marlene is a natural problem solver, has a vast knowledge of county government and will do what it takes to see that the county reaches the next level of opportunity.  Marlene gets my endorsement and I hope she will get yours."


West & Southeast REALTORS

of the Valley

WeSERV announces its support for Marlene Pearce, running for Pinal County Supervisors, District 4.

"Marlene impressed our workgroup members with her awareness of the housing needs for Pinal County to meet the growing needs of the residents."

"We at WeSERV feel advocacy for property rights, homeownership and all things related are an important part of who we are and what we do." "We look forward to working with Marlene in the future."

--Dena Greenawalt - 2020 WeSERV Board of Trustees President

Small Business

Flashbacks Diner

Arizona City

Small businesses are the heart of our communities. The owners and patrons of places like Fashbacks Diner are what make our towns and cities feel like home. I am committed to keeping our County as an accessible, affordable place for these businesses to thrive.